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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Today we went to Beamish which is an open air museum situated in the North of England. I absolutely love the place it really is like travelling back in time. I would recommend anyone to go whether they're aged 1 to 101 its great and there is something for everyone! As its still classed as winter opening times here in the UK the entry was cheaper than usual as some areas weren't open to public yet, we paid £8.75 each today but the normal entry fee is £17.50 per adult however this is for a ticket which allows you to return as many times as you wish for a whole year and includes all the tram/bus/locomotive rides throughout the visit. I feel that even the full price when everything is open is fair and definitely worth it. We took lots of snaps on our way round here's some of them. And some that David took and edited :)

Our "pull your ugliest face" competition lol

The old school

Shetland ponies!

not the best cake iv had!

3 of me? spooky!
One thing I will say is that I would advise taking a picnic or something as the tearoom situated in the old town is pretty pricey and I was not impressed with the food. especially the carrot cake pictured above which in all honesty tasted older than the museum itself! The tearoom is great for a cuppa but not so much for food in my opinion however it was very busy so each to their own ey :) My favourite part of Beamish is the old town where you can walk round old houses, a dentists, the carriage horse stables, bakery, different shops and everyone's favourite the sweet shop where you can buy old fashioned sweets and watch them make cinder toffee! All in all its a brilliant day out for all the family and there really is something for everyone to enjoy. Have any of you been to Beamish before? What's your favourite part?
Annie xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Catching up with the mother

So its a pretty rare occurrence these days for me and my mum to get daytime off together to go for a walk or do something together but we finally managed to sneak a day off together last Tuesday and as it was such a nice day (another rare occurrence here) we went for a walk with the dogs. Here's some pictures from our walk.

Bit of a naff blog post today but I havent had much time to write a proper one but stay tuned I have a few more interesting ones in the pipeline!
Annie xx

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A day out in Newcastle

So last Sunday we set off on a day trip to Newcastle, the main reason behind the trip was to go to an event at the metro arena called Comic Con. Now its not really my bag grown men dressed up as comic characters and obsessing over films and comics but my boyfriend fancied going to see what it was like - so off we went. To be honest on arrival I could tell we were like fish out of water, for a start we weren't dressed up haha! But I have to admit it was actually a pretty funny couple of hours and we both enjoyed it, there was all sorts of stalls and loads of people dressed up as characters and TV stars and I take my hat off to them for their efforts! I didn't take any photos but here is one David took at the convention. (its of some car from some film lol)
So after the comic experience we decided we would walk into Newcastle town centre and visit The Life Centre as there was a Lego exhibit on with huge models which were pretty impressive!
Can you believe this is made totally out of Lego! 
I have been to the Centre for life before a lot of years ago on a school trip but its nothing like I remembered. The Lego stuff was fab but the rest of the museum was very much aimed at younger children in my opinion which wasn't a problem really but we found it difficult to spend more than an hour in there. Entry for adults was £8.25 which isn't bad these days for a admission to a museum and children under 2 go free. I think if you have younger children (under 12) its a fab place to have a day out and explore but for the older children/adults its definitely not a full day activity, but still worth a look if your in the area. By far my favourite part of the Life Centre was the cakes in the cafe they were delish! Heres some snaps of them!

Lego icing :)

This is clearly his most sincere cheese face haha!

Cute girly cake for me :)
So then after two "Boyish" activities I got to hit the shops (insert huge happy face here). Newcastle have a pretty good selection of shops compared to out nearest shopping centre so I was feeling like a child in a sweet shop! But after hours trailing round I couldn't really find anything I wanted needed so I came away with very little. A new electric toothbrush (exciting I know) A bottle of Estee Lauder double wear foundation in Ecru and a new mug from Next (I'm clearly getting old!) All in all we had a lovely day and will definitely be returning for another look round the shops soon.
What's your favourite shop?
Annie xx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Just a little snippet of cuteness!

So I don't really feel like writing a whole lot today but I do have some rather cute photos of the small furries which is enough to make the most rubbish day a little bit better :) Who doesn't like cute bunnies and fuzzy guinea pigs?!
So here you go...

just missed them 'lady and the tramping' a piece of hay!

not a lot that's cuter than a rabbit jumping a jump <3
Bit of a boring post but certainly a cute one today. Thanks for stopping by :)
Annie xx